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Begin Now!

It is imperative that anyone considering a Lease to Own or Lease Purchase Home begin credit restoration immediately. The sooner the better!

If you aren’t interested in restoring your credit, then a Lease Purchase probably isn’t for you. Why?

There is no point in throwing away the Option Fee if you aren’t going to do what it takes to eventually own the home.  If you don’t do what it takes now, you will never qualify for a mortgage!

Credit repair takes time. It isn’t going to happen overnight.  You should begin working on your credit as soon as you make the decision that owning a home is important to you!

Three Categories

The main focus of a Lease Option is to allow people to prepare for financing while living in the home. Almost every person that comes to us falls into one of 3 categories in regards to their credit and what they need:

  1. Derogatory items and incorrectly reported items that require credit repair
  2. Lack of open trade lines and needing to establish new trade lines with secured cards
  3. All of the above

Credit Repair

Often times, when an old account is sold to another company, the dates or information about that account are reported incorrectly. Many times the same account will show up multiple times due to the account being sold to other companies. If somebody goes through a bankruptcy, it’s almost inevitable that there are items that aren’t reporting correctly on the credit report.  Getting items straightened up on the report is where credit repair comes in.

Secured Credit Cards

It has become more and more important to establish active trade lines utilizing secured cards. Lenders are now requiring in most cases 3 active trade lines for the applicant. That is VERY important to be aware of!  Obtaining secured cards and using them properly is a great way to raise your scores, particularly when used in conjunction with a credit repair program. With lenders now requiring 3 active trade lines, secured cards have become a necessity for most people coming to us!  One of the first things a good credit repair company will do is help you easily acquire those trade lines.

The One-Two Punch

Most people that come to us really need both credit repair and secured lines of credit.  Although credit repair is extremely effective, if you don’t have the active trade lines to offset the negative and show responsibility with credit, the credit repair will be limited in its effectiveness.

By enrolling in credit repair and getting secured cards you’re on your way to better credit and home ownership!

The Bottom Line to Financing

The bottom line to getting financed in most cases can be summed up as this:

  1. Enroll in credit repair – trust the professionals to help you do it faster
  2. Obtain at least 3 secured cards or 3 active trade lines
  3. NEVER, NEVER be late on any payments while in the house – (this includes rent payments and any payments on credit accounts or your car)
  4. Don’t buy a car until you have bought your home! In many cases this can hurt your debt ratio and keep you from buying a home.

By following these four main rules, you will be well on your way to better credit and home ownership!